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Thursday: A Woman at Boys State

Among the group of American Legion representatives that we encounter at Boys State stands a strong woman with ever deserved right to be here. I'm sure many delegates have already approached her to buy a t-shirt or a graduation cord during lunch hours. Wednesday afternoon I had the honor of interviewing this marvelous woman and getting to know her on a personal level. This is Mrs. Gerry Hince

As I began my interview with Mrs. Hince we wasted no time getting right into personal questions such as why she would rather help at Boys State instead of Girls State. Considering that she is a woman at a camp for young men, I was more that excited to hear her reasoning on the topic. She began with informing me of how she had been associated with the organization for five years in Virginia because of her sons and then moving to Texas and being involved for about another great five years. “Tough love” is the phrase she used when speaking out on the issue of how the young mean learn by doing here at Boys State. These delegates are encouraged to run for an office whether it is at the city, county, or state level. Mrs. Hince highly emphasized that every Statesmen here is a leader of some sort in their own town where they came from, but it's always interesting to see how failure is handled when you are always used to winning.

Throughout the interview she explained how there is a difference between the young man who attends Boys State and the young man who doesn't. “I would say every young man here is above average.” says Mrs. Hince when presented with the question. She emphasized the Boys State motto, “Learn by Doing”, and expressed that this motto helps these young men throughout life reminding them that new opportunities are only given to those who look for them. She also elaborated on how she loves the fact that here at Boys State, the delegates are held accountable for their action and decisions when running for office. It is nice to know that there are young men growing up with experience and proper exposure of politics.
It was truly an honor getting to sit face to face with such a strong woman and listening to her opinions and reasoning on topics that some would have troubling finding an answer for. Mrs. Gerry Hince has truly opened my eyes to a brighter and more hopeful future in the short time that I to interview her. She stood out as a woman in a crowd full of men and that is what Boys State is all about. To stand out in a situation when everyone is the same.

Written by Angel Eufracio

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