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Sunday: Politics and Beyond, An Introduction to Boy State

 Welcome parents, sponsors, and citizens, to the official newsletter for the American Legion’s annual Texas Boys State convention. This is the epitome of service-focused education for the beginning of Texas Leaders​. This is where young leaders learn how the government process works and how to be involved in their community. Though the Statesmen are surrounded by hundreds of other leaders from around the state, many will participate in different positions of leadership among their peers to prove to others and themselves that they, individually, serve a great purpose in political activities. This is the beginning of a long journey of contribution to our society. This is Texas Boys State 2017.

 From these Statesmen across the state, Boys State 2017 had the privilege of
accepting approximately 1,100+ Statesmen for this year's convention. All from different aspects of life, but all coming together to understand the process of creating a successful future.
Many of us came here to the University of Texas without much knowledge.

The first day was insane! Just imagine it: car rides that seem endless and the heat of the scorching sun on your skin as you stand in line waiting to be registered. As we stepped through the doors of Kinsolving, we begin to get the sensation that we will make memories here that will last a lifetime. We feel the excitement of participation and cooperation among everyone we see.

Once registration was over, the Statesmen filed into their dorms for their respective city and eventually met up to start off the daily activities with their Counselors. From that point on, Boys State had begun.

Orientation helped everybody take their first step to the competitive nature of the convention: meeting new people and proving their leadership. For them, that means to be yourself and have fun, but stay ambitious. Each Statesmen was appointed into a party (Federalist or Nationalist) that has no meaning yet, though it will sooner or later along the week. Therefore, it was important for people in our party to know each other in order to gain votes and become an elected official.

From that standpoint, Statesmen were sent with their counselors, to a general
assembly to be officially oriented into the chapter. We listened to keynote speakers about the importance of our Texas Flag and our United State's Flag, also known as Old Glory. Then we learned the background history of each of our representatives, hearing their stories of honor, valor, and courage, which placed them among the ranks of respected individuals. Inspiration and dignified rhetoric compiled to create one sole theme that we will only “Learn By Doing” in this Texas Boys State chapter. Through honor and ambition, we will have fun and be successful.

On the night of the first day, it was time to come together at the Boys State courtyard and close out the evening with our American Legion Texas Boys State Song. Before things took off, different cities yelled chants to hype their city and bring spirit to the scene. After all was calm, it was time to practice the Boys State Song. This song is meant to commemorate our advancement into our initiation while promoting the promises that we will fulfill throughout the coming week of Boys State 2017. Here is to a successful week of participation, patriotism, and overall fun for all the Statesmen and the memories they will hold dear and share back home.

By: Johnny Samaniego and Angel Eufracio


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Statewide Elected Office
     G. Smith  (N)

Lieutenant Governor
     J. Cascino (N)

Attorney General
     J. Delgado (F)

Commissioner of Land Office
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     S. Saxe (N)

Commissioner of Agriculture
     C. Bradford (F)

Railroad Commissioner
     H. Longcrier  (F)
     K. Preston  (N)
     G. Allen (F)

Chief Justice, Supreme Court
     D. Thompson (F)

Associate Justice, Supreme Court
     R. Madden Jr. (F)
     S. Sinak (N)
     J. Dixon Jr. (N)
     J. Collins (N)
     D. Imhoff (F)
     R. Landsaw (F)
     B. Owen (F)
     N. Gates (F)

Pres. Judge, Ct. of Criminal Appeals
     M. Mayo (N)

Assoc. Justice, Ct. of Criminal Appeals
     Z. Smalt (F)
     V. Torres (F)
     D. Mayes (F)
     D. Forestier (F)
     J. Miller (N)
     E. Gonzalez (F)
     J. Palacios (N)
     D. Childress Jr.  (N)
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District Attorney
     J. Overcash (F)

District Clerk
     M. Whaley (F)

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