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Monday: Musical Companionship

On Day 2 of Boys State 2017, the recreational period began. This includes 7 on 7 Speedball, Basketball, Dodgeball, and Band. Here at Boys State 2017, we love to include everyone in every social and physical group. This is why we include all musicians in the Boys State Band. We may have signed
up for the political activities, but many of us didn’t expect them to be as long and drawn out as they are. This is why recreational period is focused on freeing our minds from politics; it gives us a break, to say the least. Boys State band is such an outlet for many of our fellow Statesmen.

We first met our band director, Mr. Smith; he explained to us of our duties to pump-up the Statesmen during our ending ceremonies, while also keeping the artistic beauty towards music for our “Boys State Song,” our “Star Spangled Banner,” and “Texas, Our Texas.” Just like in highschool, that artistry would be interpreted in different forms no matter where you came from. I literally felt like I was a freshman again. Through an adventurous mind, seeing Statesmen of the woodwind, brass, and percussion sections coming together from all across the state could be the most exciting feeling of the week. It was all of the talent that filled the air with music, riffs, trills, screams, and beats, that capture how diverse Texas Boys State truly is.

Mr. Smith passed out the music to everyone and placed us in our instrumental groups. We only had an hour to learn the songs, and to me it was intimidating, but my other fellow Statesman ran straight into the grind. Coming in, I expected to not be the best player in that room, but that was okay because Mr. Smith was understanding. All of the players were understanding and helpful as well. When many of us were busy arguing over different political beliefs earlier in the day, we came together in band and shared our common love for music.

After about an hour of practice, we finally learned the songs and were ready to perform outside at the closing ceremony. All of us, band Statesmen, were rowdy and ready to shine. We all played to our strengths, and learned each other's passions. On that night, the rest of the Statesmen that participated in other recreational activities gathered  inside of the campus courtyard and heard us play our pep tunes. We enjoy playing music, but what really caught many of our love for performing was the other Statesmen chanting our name, “Boys State Band, Boys State Band!” It’s inspirational, knowing that we moved something in them for their support. Once we finished, we all bragged about how great we were and how we are so excited for the rest of the week. This is just the beginning of an awesome Boys State Band journey.

Written by: Johnny Samaniego


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