Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wednesday News -- 2016 Texas Boys State

By Dom Borbon
June 15, 2016

The fourth day of Texas Boys State was a complete success as campaigning and politics continued. With the program nearing its end, the schedule and events here have increased in both spirit and intensity. 

Like previous days, today began with an early breakfast at Kinsolving dorm's cafeteria. Right off the bat, the day’s politics began with the House and Senate meeting directly after breakfast. At the same time, county party conventions were taking place elsewhere to hold runoff election speeches. 

Shortly afterwards, Statesmen from the county party conventions moved on to district party conventions where run-off election speeches for district offices were held. Finally, statesmen continued to the state party convention where state runoff speeches took place as well as the continuation of platform discussions.

Runoff election polls opened at ten in the morning, concurrently the seminar rotations began. By noon, seminars sessions concluded, and Statesmen made their way to lunch. Thirty minutes after lunch began runoff election polls officials closed. 

Shortly after lunch, Statesmen assembled together to parade to the capitol building where House and Senate sessions commenced while other Statesmen toured and met with various elected officials. After three hours at the capitol, Statesmen continued their busy day with mayor meetings or band practice.

By five in the afternoon, the flag lowering ceremony took place with dinner and dignitary visits commencing shortly afterwards. From dinner and dignitary talks, statesmen were allowed to change into recreational clothing and begin city olympiads. 

Like the day before, Statesmen had the choice between olympiads, band practice, seminars, campaign committee meetings, talent show tryouts, and Congress sessions. By 9:45 in the evening, recreational time ended and statesmen gathered once more for the nightly announcements, which concluded the day’s activities.