Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tuesday News — 2016 Texas Boys State

By Dom Borbon 
June 15, 2016

Tuesday’s events kept the ball rolling from the previous day as Statesmen were challenged with a more substantial load of campaigns and elections than before. 

Cities were up early to eat breakfast and prepare for the busy day ahead, which would be filled with an even busier schedule. Following breakfast, Statesmen broke into their State Party Conventions where speeches and platform ideas were introduced. 

Meanwhile the House and Senate were separated into another group that met and convened in the Capitol building. For the next few hours, all groups came together to discuss platforms, policy, and elections--a long and grueling process that required utmost concentration from all Statesmen involved.

Finally, the State Party Convention met once again to give speeches for attorney general, lieutenant governor, and governor. By the end of these events, Statesmen had only gone through half of the day’s schedule.

About 4 p.m., Statesmen broke from the state conventions and separated to go to their dorms, rehearse for the band, or attend a mayor’s meeting, before meeting again at general assembly to honor the lowering of the flags. From there, dinner was served to a surely hungry hoard of bustling Statesmen. 

At the same time, some cities met with visiting dignitaries to receive advice on the political process. Included among the evening’s guests were distinguished state representatives, senators, lawyers, and judges.

After dinner, boys began the ritual city face-offs and city olympiads, officially kicking off recreation for the evening. During this time, Statesmen drifted from place to place choosing between the olympiad, seminars, band practice, committee meetings, congress sessions, and talent show tryouts. 

By 8 p.m., the primary election polls had opened and Statesmen gathered to vote for positions introduced earlier during convention speeches. An hour and a half later, recreation period and primary elections were over. Despite its name, recreation time today was just as busy—if not busier—as the rest of the day, proving that the week-long political process requires dedication and diligence to one’s duties.

At 10:15 pm, the nightly announcements were given and the Texas Boy’s State News—made by the program’s very own Media Corps—aired live. Before being released for the night, the results of the statewide primary elections were announced, many of which resulted in runoffs between the two candidates receiving the most votes.