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Day 3 News

By Cameron Fisher and Spencer Anderson
Texas Boys State Press Corps

Once again, the statesmen rose at six in the morning, and made their way to breakfast in Jester dining before heading on to their state party conventions. Federalists went by City to the Welch building, and Nationalists walked across campus to the LBJ Presidential Library auditorium. In these meetings, both parties elected party officers through their already-elected delegates, and observed enthusiastic, passionate speeches. Meanwhile, the House and Senate made their way to the state capitol, where they continued officer election and committee formation.

After the morning's hard work, thunderous applause, and seemingly endless walks, the statesmen made their way to a well-deserved lunch. Following lunch, the statesmen again grouped into their Cities, and made their way to Clark Field, for the City Face-off. At the Face-off, cities attempted to out-do each other's enthusiasm and fervor. The statesmen, hyped and ready for sports, participated in their choice of football, dodgeball, or basketball, while Press Corps camera crews captured the action. During this recreational period, committees that needed to meet did so, and statesmen who did not play sports, and do not have a meeting to attend, were able to take tours of landmarks around campus.

At the end of the recreational period, staters had the option to audition for the talent show, which will be held at Thursday evening's general assembly. Try-outs were held in Jester headquarters.

In the afternoon, district and county party conventions began, and statesmen made speeches for district and county offices, the accumulation of campaigning that many statesmen had been doing for the past couple days. At the same time, city mayors had a meeting in Jester center.

After these conventions was the daily flag lowering ceremony, which includes the singing of the Boys State song, and the introduction of visiting dignitaries. Following this, the Staters were split up, some going to dinner, and others participating in the visiting dignitary program, where they listened to what our visiting dignitaries had to say.

The statesmen had to be on top of things, as corrections for any errors on their primary election ballots, such as duplicate signatures were due by 6:30.

At seven fifteen, the boys made their way to LBJ library, for the daily general assembly, where several speakers, each representing the various decades that Boys State has existed, spoke about the development of the program over the years, and the success that they found, which they believe was a result of the lessons, and friendships that they formed at their respective Texas Boys State years. The crowd of boys responded to the encouragement positively and were uplifted by the success stories of these men. The Boys proclaimed, with zeal, "We are Texas Boys State!"

Afterwards, state party conventions resumed, and the candidates for Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor and Governor gave speeches, closing the evening. The Statesmen then made their way back to their rooms, tired, but more than ready for yet another day of "learning by doing".

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2017 Texas Boys State General Election Results

Statewide Elected Office
     G. Smith  (N)

Lieutenant Governor
     J. Cascino (N)

Attorney General
     J. Delgado (F)

Commissioner of Land Office
     C. McKay (F)

Comptroller of Public Accounts
     S. Saxe (N)

Commissioner of Agriculture
     C. Bradford (F)

Railroad Commissioner
     H. Longcrier  (F)
     K. Preston  (N)
     G. Allen (F)

Chief Justice, Supreme Court
     D. Thompson (F)

Associate Justice, Supreme Court
     R. Madden Jr. (F)
     S. Sinak (N)
     J. Dixon Jr. (N)
     J. Collins (N)
     D. Imhoff (F)
     R. Landsaw (F)
     B. Owen (F)
     N. Gates (F)

Pres. Judge, Ct. of Criminal Appeals
     M. Mayo (N)

Assoc. Justice, Ct. of Criminal Appeals
     Z. Smalt (F)
     V. Torres (F)
     D. Mayes (F)
     D. Forestier (F)
     J. Miller (N)
     E. Gonzalez (F)
     J. Palacios (N)
     D. Childress Jr.  (N)
District LevelBrown DistrictDistrict Judge      C. Post (F)

District Attorney
     J. Overcash (F)

District Clerk
     M. Whaley (F)

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Wednesday: Texas Secession

This morning Ty Fuselier was interviewed at the State Capital over the heavy issue of Texas Secession. This has always been an exciting topic here at Boys State because so many strive to see Texas as its own nation. Ty began his interview by speaking about the principles of secession and how it is essentially the Republic of Texas being reformed. He supported his statements by speaking about the history of Texas and how we came to be. Key notes from past State Conventions were brought up for overall reasoning on why the Federalist Party would like to see Texas as its own Nation once again. Ty has gained the reputation of being the leader of this whole secession movement. His strong personality and devotion for a change has really brought him to the top and given him a chance to represent his party as a whole through this interview.

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Thursday: March to Secession

Today the Statesmen of Texas Boys State marched to capital to visit the various offices of elected officials and to tour the facility. The day began with the Statesmen lining up to march together with the band in the lead playing different music pieces. The capitol building of Texas is an amazing feat of architecture. Many people were able to see the march and many were impressed by the uniformity of the Statesmen. The House and Senate members reported to their respective chambers and began debating and passing laws.  One bill in particular was highly favored by both chambers, the bill for secession. The senators and representatives of the Texas Boys State government passed the bill and created a constitution and a declaration of independence. This is the first time in Texas Boys State history that the government body decided to secede from the United States.

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